THE DRUZE DOCUMENT by Gregory & John Dillon Fitz Gerald


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The discovery of a thousand-year-old document written by the hand of their prophet himself threatens to become the rallying force for the mysterious Druze people--and to detonate new explosions in the Middle East. As if the Palestinians and Islamic fundamentalists weren't enough, now there are the Druze religionists to worry about. Followers of a medieval prophet and scattered throughout the volatile states of the eastern Mediterranean, Druze people follow their religion in secret--flashing hidden signs of recognition to each other, speaking in a stately, contraction-free language, and practicing a special form of sanctioned and awfully covenient tactical lying called taqiyah whenever it might help out. Which is pretty often for Khalid Damaj, better known by his fake name of Dr. Kamal Darvish--the Druze scholar who has found the holy document in an Orthodox monastery outside Damascus and now has a plan to unite the crypto-Druze world into a nation to rival Israel or Syria. Darvish, who seems to see himself as the heir to Lord al-Hakim, persuades the Druze council of elders to endorse his plan of holy terrorism and then starts his own personal string of atrocities with the gruesome murder of an elderly Orthodox monk. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away in Boston, ex-secret agent Daniel Molloy, now a student of computer arts, helplessly watches the kidnapping of his young daughter--an act that will lead him into direct conflict with (you guessed it) terror-bent Kamal Darvish in, of all places, Washington, D.C. Fast-moving nonsense.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1988
Publisher: Cliffhanger (P.O. Box 29527, Oakland, CA 94604)