FAIRY TALES by Grimm Brothers
Kirkus Star


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This book will be welcome news to th who menn the going out of print for the of the complete Grimm -- for here is another, also complete, in excellent translation and attractive format. The price is steep, but if a complete Grimm is wanted, and it is essential for all public library collections -- this is good value. A beautiful piece of book-making, illustrations, decorations and full pages. In color, by Josef Schar. ood type face and margins -- all in all definitely a pre-war item for present consumption. The Colum introduction is addressed to adults and keys the value of the Grimm brother's contribution to the preservation of traditional stories, legends, tales of magic, lore of the past, straight entertainment and humor. The illustrations have humor and a gaiety and appropriateness to the text. A book intended more for those increasingly important collections of legend and folk material than the hard wear of a children's room, but library story tellers will find fresh inspiration here.

Publisher: Pantheon