MEXICO STRS by Guido Rosa


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A companionable sort of book, revealing the sensitive sympathy of an understanding traveller, who reports the conversations, the lives of the little people, the plain people, met en route. By temperamental Chevvy, by train, by boat and bus, he went to Orizaba, Puebla, Tehuacan, Oaxaxa, Vera Cruz, Cuernavaca, Acapulco; then to Yucatan. There are encounters with farmers, doctors, teachers, barbers, laborers and artisans, women and children; there are accounts of fiestas, magic, sanitation, codes, religion, medicine, food; yesterday and today and what ""progress"" has done to the Mexican man in the street-small beginnings of an ambitious program. here are little villages and their response to governmental plans, here is awareness of the actual thought and life of Mexicans the country over and an evaluation of the efforts towards developing a modern approach.

Publisher: John Day