STANDING IN THE MAGIC by Gunilla B. Norris


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While Joel's hardworking mother worries that the no-good Goodenoughs (they are on welfare and behind in their rent) will ""pull him down,"" Joel is fascinated by his pal Brady Goodenough who seems to be literally touched by magic. Brady manages to wish the bakery man into giving out free donuts, pops out of an air vent to announce that the electrician has fixed the refrigerator -- and even finds a magic ring that gives him a lucky streak at the fair and wins enough money to pay the electric bill. But his small magic isn't quite powerful enough to drum up the rent money, and Brady's family moves on leaving Joel and his mother to ponder the merits of his plucky, goodnatured war on poverty. A flickering, briefly affecting story -- here and gone as quickly as Brady's flashing smile, but like the veritas motto on Brady's lucky ring, true in its own frugal way.

Pub Date: Nov. 6th, 1974
Page count: 74pp
Publisher: Dutton