THE NIGHT AND THE DREAM by Gunnar Qunnarsson


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When I read Ships in the Sky, I felt that it should be sold as autobiography rather than fiction. Now with its successor, I feel even more strongly that it will lose its market, sold as fiction. So having said my say -- here goes. Once again, a dreamy, nostalgic picture of boyhood, this time picking up the threads at nine, where the other book stopped, and going on to the verge of adult life, about to set out to see the world and to become a writer. In the ten years span, we follow the author through a boyhood, half dream, half stark reality, on the farm where his father struggled to supply the necessities of life. A second marriage disrupted the household for a time; the building of a new house uprooted childhood memories; watching the sheep, going to the wool market, bringing the sheep in from the mountains, all punctuate the seasonal round in remote Iceland. Beautifully told, if a bit esoteric. Definitely tied up with the earlier book, so sell to those who liked it -- or make a joint sale.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1938
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill