STRAY DOG by Gunvor Edwards


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An orphaned Norwegian's summer trying to relocate a stray--and find his own place too. Erling persuades his bourgeois aunt and uncle to let him return to the country collage he formerly occupied with his father, and they suggest he take friend Magnus for company. Low-keyed adventures mingle with nature expeditions until the hope that Uncle Jonas (a settled-down sailor, remembered because of some travel postcards) may take in Sancho starts them on the road. A happy first meeting leads to friendlier relations as the second uncle arranges to keep the dog, share the nephew, even house friend Magnus and his left-behind grandmother. Boy and dog, boy and friend, boy and father-figure with a sentimentality that doesn't ooze, but the boy himself is pallid and the translation sounds stiff.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1968
Publisher: Criterion