GERMAN ECONOMY 1870 - 1940 by Gustav Stolper

GERMAN ECONOMY 1870 - 1940

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The author is a well-known economist and writer, one time member of the Reichstag, and a historian who has studied without passion or prejudice the facts of Germany's rise to power. Here is a clear out survey of Germany's rise, fall and present stature. His understanding of the German mind and German psychology is illuminating. He traces seventy years of progress to the present goal of state control. The defeat in 1918 was merely a temporary halt. He shows where even the Weimar republic made its contribution towards rebuilding a military machine and an ersatz economy, providing a solid foundation for Naziism. He makes no attempt to forecast the future but seems to indicate that civilization hangs in the balance as hunger and famine and brutality stalk roughshod over the truths we have always maintained. In the course of the book, he reveals the fact that much attributed to Hitler (in way of benefit to Germany) was in existence before the Nazi regime.

Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock