GERMAN REALITIES by Gustav Stolper


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The author of This Age of Fable (1942) which threw a refreshing searchlight on some of the myths of propaganda, in a book of quite a different type,- a cold, analytical appraisal of Germany as it is today under four-power control. Stolper sees Germany as the pivotal center of European revival and the bulwark against Russia. He studies its irremediably maimed biological structure; a nation, intellectually crippled by the isolation, pseudo-philosophy and myths of Naziism; the moral depravity, the devastated industrial centers, without food, raw materials, a currency, or a functioning transportation system; a nation under foreign dominance without any tangible hope of the future. And then the author goes on to consider the handling of Germany by the llias, in terms of reparations, decartellization, government, war potential, etc. Here are marshalled the reasons why Germany should be rebuilt into an independent going concern, presented by a man who believes that if Russia is to be kept out of Western Europe, then Germany must be allowed to assume her role as Europe's economic center. A tion of Germany based primarily on economic reasoning....Many people are thinking along these lines- with less to go on; others will feel that this way danger lies. Anyh a book to read.

ISBN: 1406708399
Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock