I WONDER WHY by Gustavus Kirby


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Reminiscences of a full life along a way paved with wonder reveal a startling kaleidoscope of acquaintances, causes and effects. Gus Kirby started out ahead of schedule, rebelled through early schooling, and raced to the tune of electricity and law (he received degrees in both) at Columbia. He sowed wild oats in the Orient and came home to win the hand of John Claflin's daughter. His great interest in amateur athletics found him promoting the initiation of the Olympics, having an audience with the Pope on the place of sports in society, talking to LaGuardia on Moses' parks program, dining with Hess and appearing with Goebbels, Hitler, Mussolini, and King George through the World Congress for Leisure Time and Recreation, setting up the Public Schools Athletic League. Other interests such as the American Art Galleries and people, such as Houdini, are bright stones on the walk of wonder.

Pub Date: Aug. 30th, 1954
Publisher: Coward McCann