DEAR MIRANDA by Guthrie Wilson


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Dear Miranda is the legitimate sibling of Miss Go Lightly, Mr. Isherwood's Berlin Diary heroine. But Miranda is on the side of the angels as she makes her fortune in men, titles, and money, winning admirers from her native Australia to the stately homes of England. Motivated by her kindly opinion of herself and everybody else, except perhaps her rival, the voluptuous blonde makes good use of her proportions and her sketchy though sincere intellectual training. And Miranda's rival, a large-eyed devious girl with an outrageous penchant for self dramatization is a worthy rival for the forty-three year old heroine. Not only does she incorporate her trite fantasies into best selling novels, she incorporates Miranda's men into her romantic schemes. Written in the first person, this is a book in which brightness and naivete veil a poignant sense of mortality. Miranda is gay. Miranda is melancholy. She loves life, but lives in sharp awareness of death. Miranda is innocent and arch, a sophisticate, a perplexed child of the provinces. Miranda, dear Miranda, is superbly feminine and her confessions will win her many tender admirers.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1960
Publisher: Simon and Schuster