TOURS AND DETOURS by Guy Abecassis


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From the other side of the travel curtain comes the voice of the guide-courier in plaintive recital of his plight. Ten years of conducting tours through Europe have given him a full bill of complaints and his experience with organized travel have humor as well as fine points for travelers. He analyzes the types of tourist to be found in every group; he describes his ways of keeping discipline -- and how he tamed 26 diabolical college girls from Boston; he says his say on losing passports, luggage, idiotic questions, itineraries; he has tales of romances among young-and old-members of his parties; he is never without an incident that has to do with keeping to the timetable; he boasts, and rightfully, over the efficiency (well, most of the time) with which 185 Mayflower descendants were conducted through England. From the minor to the major discomforts of travel, from travel agents to unhonored reservations, from living nuisances to the nuisance of a corpse, this reversed picture of journeying is to be recommended for everyone with a passport -- for entertainment and as a lesson in travel manners.

Publisher: Random House