WAKE UP YOUR BODY! by Guy & Lawrence G. Blochman Remsen


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The hallelujah Hygeia of the title and the limiting aspects of the subtitle aside, this is really a very sound book on practically all aspects of keeping yourself in (good) shape. Mr. Remsen has been associated with both a hospital and health clubs and Mr. Blochman, as to be expected, keeps the prose trim. The therapeutic values of bathing (whether in oatmeal, sulphur, paraffin or pretty bubbles); of the sauna; of hot and cold temperatures whether for sinusitis or arthritis; of massage as both a stimulant (sex) or relaxant; of exercise in general and for particular parts of your sagging structure; and on the upkeep of your skin, teeth, hair, feet, etc. rely on sound knowns (cf. baldness) and advance no false hopes.... But it takes time to defeat time.

Pub Date: June 20th, 1969
Publisher: McKay