AUNT BEL by Guy McCrone


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A sequel to Red Plush -- and for those readers who enjoyed that trilogy for the sense of pleasant intercourse with a family- likeable, irritating, human- it will be like going back for a week-end visit and picking up the threads of family news. Catching up with engagements and marriages, births and deaths, newcomers and old friends. The setting is much the same, shifting from Glasgow to the old homestead and back. And Aunt Bel, fundamentally kind but managing and ambitious, is dea ex machina, ever trying to manipulate matters for her young people, who manage to escape her watchful eye and do things for themselves. The period trimmings and regional flavor bring Glasgow of the '90's into full flavor. A novel of manners -- episodic in character -- but with more focus and central core of plot than Red Plush. But- inevitably- less sense of discovery- more of home coming. Perhaps in this family portrait we can find another Jalna.

ISBN: 1873631391
Publisher: Farrar, Straus