P. O. W. by Guy Morgan

P. O. W.

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A thoughtful, intellectual approach to a record of life in German prison camps, singularly lacking in hysterics and horror, but rather revealing the inner souls and minds of men forced into that intimate communal life. British Navy Lieutenant Morgan captured on a by-passed Adriatic island; he was shifted through six camps and four hospitals, from Yugoslavia to Northern Italy to Silesia to the Sudetenland to anover in the Reich. After two years, repatriation through Sweden and a joyful homecoming. He analyses his capte, their sadism, their pettiness, their stupidity, their lack of humor, their occasional kindnesses. He tells of his fellow prisoners, their fight against monotony, their fear of time, their complete detachment from the world outside, their dreams of past and future...The book is a must for relatives and friends of ex-prisoners, or for anyone interested in the adjustment of a fine, sensitive mind to the isolation and inertia of a prison camp.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1945
Publisher: Whittlesey