WIND RUNNER: The Story of an Ante by G.W. Barrington

WIND RUNNER: The Story of an Ante

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The story of Fleet, the antelope who became a legend in the Central African bush country. Fleet, as a faun looked like any other impala antelope except for the band of white around his throat. With the others in his herd Fleet learns to sense the approach of deadly enemies, to band together for attack or escape. Alone he weathers a disastrous drought, the torrent of a tropical rain, a blight of locusts and attacks by tigers, lions and crocodiles. It is not until David Templeton, the explorer, arrives at the forbidden ground of the mysterious Plains of the Old Lake where Fleet grazed, that the antelope's fortunes change. Fleet is wounded, nursed back to health by Templeton, acquires a dog's collar and becomes a symbol to the natives -- as guardian of the Old Lake. It is this super-stititious regard for Fleet which protects Templeton from death, and allows Fleet to live unmolested by men. Authentic, believable, an exciting glimpse of life in the jungle.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1950
Publisher: Longmans, Green