WHAT'LL WE DO ON SUNDAY? by Gwen & Paul Dubov


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On Mondays after work Ron has to go bowling with the office but except for occasional quick ones at bars or with sluts, he spends all the rest of his free time home with Geegee who calls him Sonny even if she looks more like his wife. Until Sunday when they find something new and exciting and unique to do together. In between she lies around in bed eating candy bars and watching old movies or reminding him of the nicer moments of his childhood. Ron can't seem to get away from her adorable dependence -- it's as persistent as cheap perfume. Or like their dogs Duchess and her son Aubie until Duchess has to be put away -- and Aubie has the insolence indifference to lift his leg on her grave. Thus we're deep in the world of psychopathia domestica where the silver cord that binds is a garotte And the Dubovs manage to tone it down with a horrible commonplaceness (bordering on obviousness when it comes to those poor dogs). What will you do this evening? You might be staying up far later than you had expected to eating candy bars and fingernails this is as insidiously proprietary as mother love.

Pub Date: March 12th, 1974
Publisher: Putnam