MR. KLEIN'S KAMPF: or His Life as Hitler's Double by H. Allen Smith

MR. KLEIN'S KAMPF: or His Life as Hitler's Double

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Ribald but not overly funny account of a bored playgirl taking an out-of-work actor, and making him over into Hitler's double. They decend on Chamberlain, go fishing with him, create an international situation, even carry their machinations into the realm of the cat world when the actor's cat has an affair with the Chamberlain cat. Then they transfer their attentions to France, throw Daladier into conniptions, and eventually spill the beans when the actor, a bit the worse for liquor, gives back the Saar and pans Mussolini in public. Hasty departure, leaving all in a tangle. Amusing -- but there's a bit too much drinking and wenching for your conservatives. And the satire is a bit thin at times. Mr. Smith is the comic feature writer of the World Telegram, cockeyed in the best traditions.

Publisher: Stackpole