THE AGE OF THE TAIL by H. Allen Smith


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A prospectus of the radical changes in life when, in 1957, mankind is born with a supple extension of his spinal column, follows the forty years of its existence and the concomitant changes. The moral and psychological transitions, from shame to pride and superiority, give way to the changes in morals and manners, etiquette and tail codes (the falsies that came into being and the big business that resulted to furnish those oldies who had not been born with tails), the effect on domestic furnishings and the problems of safety, injuries and insurance. There is too the pathology and hygiene of the tail, its proper procedures in weddings, entertainment and sports, its impress on fashions and clothing, the correct training of children with tails in thinking, control, etc. These caudal dynamic lend themselves to a waggish -- and not everybody's -- type of humor that distortedly mirrors bits of modern society. Thith Thmith theldom mithes -- so latch on to his followers.

Publisher: Little, Brown