WE WENT THATAWAY by H. Allen Smith


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This is the go-west-young-man odyssey of the popular humorist which should satisfy his audience with its quota of snarls and antic yarns. For Smith, after being persuaded that Tallulah Bankhead would NOT be the best traveling companion, compromises on his wife for that position, and his account of his trip through the Great Lakes, Sauk Centre, the Bad Lands and Black Hills, Santa Fe, Tucson and assorted stops in Texas and Oklahoma is studded with marital cross purposes as well as the trivia of travel. For the man is a collector -- of people, of incidents, of stories, of peculiar characters and unexpected humor. His haphazard wanderings are told in a sort of motley English (a stock broker becomes a man who breaks stocks) and there is everything worked into them -- thermostats, weddings, telephone whiskey, antelope hunting for a sample- so that his book has a sometimes ribald, sometimes acid touch. Not a guide that will get you anywhere, but it's fun in the going.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1949
Publisher: Doubleday