THE DOCTORS MAYO by H. B. Clapesattle
Kirkus Star


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Here is the story of the surgical Mecca and those wonders of the West, the Mayos, from the ""Old Doctor"" and his pioneering in Minnesota, in politics, in surgery, to his two famous sons, Will and Charlie and their internationally known Clinic. It is the story of great men as well as a great institution -- of tremendous work and tremendous success. Learning medicine almost from their cradle days, Will and Charlie had no doubts as to their careers, though they found being accepted in place of their father was their first obstacle in doctoring. All three working together in their first hospital, founded by Sisters of St. Francis, soon found local fame, and Will and Charlie, constantly on ""brain dusting"" trips, added to their knowledge, and explored all the new fields of surgery. Their versatile fingers brought them fame beyond local confines, and their ""clinic in the cornfields"" and their dramatic successes made them world known. It is a story of vast enterprise, of medical history, of characters deserving their fame. A worthwhile, thorough book, certain of wide notice and appeal.

Pub Date: Dec. 20th, 1941
Publisher: Univ. of Minnesota