FINLAND FIGHTS by H. B. Elliston
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There will doubtless be a regular rash of books on Finland, but-to date-our choice is this. Elliston has been for years radio and foreign correspondent, but this shows a thorough grounding and scholarly research. He covers Finland authoritatively and comprehensively, -- the people, taciturn, reserved, inured to the violations of their country and resolved to hang on as long as possible. Finland's big three, -- Mannerheim, Ryti and Tanner, with biographies of each. The causes of Russian aggression, Stalin's need for a safety belt. The approach of war, the long councils between Molotoff and the Finns, the unreasonable Russian demands. Finally war itself -- Elliston witnessed the bombing of Helsinki, traveled here and there through those early weeks. A book which will give you an understanding of the economic, legislative and social structure of Finland, a twenty one year old David facing the Soviet Goliath.

Pub Date: March 6th, 1940
Publisher: Little, Brown