FOUR DAY PLANET by H. Beam Piper


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A normal earth year would be the period covered by four scorching days and freezing sights on the planet Fenris, an outpost which attracts only the most idealistic pioneers and most dastardly fugitives and racketeers. Star reporter for the only newspaper on the planet, Walter Boyd is intent on attaining honest government, tracking down villa hunting the Jarvis sea monster and creating a cooperative market for the precious commodity, tallow wax. Amidst rocket rides and rescues, sinister plots and the threat of Civil war, Walter and his staunch friends achieve their goals and incidentally expose a slave market and its notorious leader. Needless to say, this is a hodgepodge of science fiction confusion, where ideas (""cooperative, monopolistic,"") places (Nantucket, Broadway), plots and counter-plots fall in kaleidoscope disorder.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1961
ISBN: 1598186353
Publisher: Putnam