BIG SWAT by H. D. Francis


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old (in the vernacular- rude but realistic) by Tony DiMarco Jr., coach of Nebraska's Midwestern team, this is his attempt to recruit Henry Svatapolsky (Big Swat) from the time when he is first spotted on a Kansas small town ball team. They contact him, keep him under wraps, service (anything he wants) him, chaperone and tutor him after they find out that the herculean performer is a little slower in his academics. The deal finally accomplished, DiMarco turns with revulsion against the system- against himself- and there's an offer from Notre Dame as compensation.... The techniques of billfold recruiting and the facts of the full-ride athletic scholarship lend musculature to the story here which has its interest without ever getting as far as the playing field.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1963
Publisher: Collett