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FAIRY TALES FROM MANY LANDS by H.- Ed. Herda Kirkus Star



Publisher: Franklin Watts

A large and lovely collection presents seventeen tales, of predominantly European origin and collectively illustrated by three different artists- Gerhard Grossmann, Hilde Koeppen and Ursula Wendorff-Weidt- whose imaginative talents and taste for the traditional in fairy story illustration are admirably suited to the purpose. The drawings are in abundant supply and full color. For ""The Serpent With the Yellow Horn"", an Italian folk tale, Mr. Grossmann's fine and swirling lines carry us back to the day when enchantment and witchery were all. Ursula Wendoff-Weidt's pastel toned drawings for a Russian tale, ""The Wizard Outwitted"", have a delicate solidity and teem with the events of a Russian town. Hilde Koeppen's pictures are softer and more comical in tone and she has done the illustrations for two of the animal stories ""The Cat's Wedding"" from Germany and ""Clever Brother Hare"", an African story. A beautifully printed book, made in Holland, and one to be treasured as a standard volume.