YEARS OF BLINDNESS by H. G. Quaritch Wales


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From many years personal experience in the Far East, an archaeological explorer, now with the British Army Intelligence, writes the story of the disintegration of the white man's power. There is much to be learned from it, from the past, for the future. Malaya, where the improvement in colonial living conditions led to a general softening up, dissolution, which British complacency and apathy left unchecked; India, the decline of the Princes, the rise of popular power; Java, where the Dutch progressed from exploitation to paternalism, too late; Indo China and the grievances against the French overlords; problems of westernization, of caste, etc. And, most important, Japan who used a combination of economic penetration, espionage, and propaganda to her advantage. A background book, not always consecutively presented, but authentically grounded.

Pub Date: March 31st, 1943
Publisher: Crowell