SOME OF MY RELIGION by H. R. L. Sheppard
Kirkus Star


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There is no vain boast to this title, although few people could write a whole book on ""some"" of their religion. ""Dick"" Sheppard has plenty to spare and this book is rich fare culled from his wide experience. There is no soft or pious side to this great man, cut off the same cloth as Studdert-Kennedy, unafraid of criticism and unbound by convention, he has dared to be the man God meant that he should be and his book cannot be overlooked. It is the faith of a warm-hearted human speaking with authority on the problems we know so well. The paper-boy, the shop-girl, the divorcee, the pacifist, the ""everyone"" are all included. I wish every bookshop would make this book compulsory reading for every member of the staff, for if you read it you will sell it.

Publisher: Harper