THINK RICH by H. Stanley with Alvin I. Haimson & Frederick D. Smith Judd


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You don't have to become a millionaire to benefit from the millionaire's attitude. Whatever your situation right now you can decide to live your life with the same peace of mind that often comes from wealth. That little goodie is labeled ""KEY POINT"" in this 9-day money management program, each lesson of which ends with a caveat: DO NOT GO ON TO THE NEXT LESSON UNTIL TOMORROW. Why not? Because the authors (one diet-book author, one psychologist, one banker) might end up with a four and three-quarters day money management program, and that wouldn't fit so neatly on a printed page. Or in one of the insets that they seem to be so fond of (see above). The lessons include quizzes to test your attitudes about money (no scoring system, though--the questions are too obvious) and financial pointers so basic as to be idiotic: pay yourself first. This serves as a reward for your efforts and as a good way to accumulate capital. Never fill out your own tax forms, moreover; that's false economy. The theory is that one must rid oneself of preconceived attitudes about the almighty buck. Once you stop valuing the things you don't have more than the things you do, you'll be rich--in heart, one supposes. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY?

Pub Date: June 26th, 1978
Publisher: Delacorte