YOUR HOUSE BEGINS WITH YOU by H. Vandervoort Walsh


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Primarily interested in the social implications of housing, the architect-author gives a sensible approach and plan for hopeful home builders. This is not a build-it-yourself book and although various examples of house plans are given as illustrations one of the main points is the refutation of the ready-made plan. Believing that your house must be individually designed to serve the needs of your particular family, Mr. Walsh advocates first determining the interests and needs of each member of the family and planning individual rooms based upon this information, instructions for model building and furniture sixes are given. After the individual rooms have been planned according to your own needs the location and contour of your land should be the next consideration. The final step of correlating the individual rooms with the general orientation suggested by the land is of course the most difficult part and the advice and supervision of an architect is advocated.

Publisher: Stewart