THE RAG PICKERS by H. Vernor Dixon


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This is such a magnificent nothing that it might just turn out to be something. The publishers hopefully hint about The Hucksters and Executive Suite. Forget about the writing. It's not even to be considered and probably won't even be noticed as we enter the world of Wheeler Dealer Fiction at its pumped up inflationary best. Here we have a merger of San Francisco's biggest chain of specialized department stores. The new bossman is Lew Kane who has paid special attention to Betty Parker, his import for the management of the ""snake pit"" known as the women's fashion floor. Betty is also eyed by Joe Kane, the men's department manager. Should Men's and Women's meet in Lingerie? Ah! Not so simple. Betty has a mysterious background that she is even unaware of. Joe is more simple. He has a good Catholic wife and three sons. But this intrigue is just a paragraph's worth in comparison to the hosts of major and minor characters and private lives which seem largely made up of incest, rape, abortion, adultery, sins of the fathers visited upon the... And they are all caught up in the bid-for-power structure. Good old-fashioned American trauma, if not drama. It's mad merchant- izing which could retail wholesale.

Pub Date: July 18th, 1966
Publisher: McKay