THE MATURE MIND by H.A. Overstreet


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A criticism of America- and Americans- today, which is serious rather than combative in tone, and which relates our shortcomings, personal as well as political, to our lack of maturity. Giving tangible illustrations of theoretical postulates, he shows how the psychological discoveries of our time are responsible for many new insights:- the idea of the psychological age, of arrested development, of the conditioned reflex, and so on. He analyzes criteria of maturity; disposes of the concepts of good and bad, of knowledge or ignorance, and replaces them with the values of maturity versus immaturity. He argues that our political immaturity is making us inept in the world situation today; that our economy operates only toward monetary benefits and not for the general welfare of the people; and he points up the shortcomings of the home, of education...Thoughtful, stimulating.

Pub Date: Aug. 10th, 1949
Publisher: Norton