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From the House Divided series, volume 4

by Haiko Hörnig ; translated by Haiko Hörnig ; illustrated by Marius Pawlitza

Pub Date: May 17th, 2022
ISBN: 978-1-72844-865-7
Publisher: Graphic Universe

As danger approaches, orphan Henrietta Achilles must protect the inherited castle she now calls home in this graphic fantasy translated from the German.

The formerly friendly stone guardians led by the mysterious Firstborn are attacking the village and trying to breach the entrance to the castle. Henrietta has grown into her own, capably harnessing the magic powers of the house keys to protect the townspeople sheltered inside. A turncoat within the castle causes chaos, setting loose more corrupted stone guardians—but the real mastermind of the invasion is someone unexpected. An emotional backstory reveals what happened to Henrietta’s parents, and, finally, the contents of the wizard Ornun Zol’s secret vault are unveiled. With never a dull moment, this entertaining fourth and final series entry that follows 2021’s The Winter of Walking Stone easily shifts between perfectly timed humor, poignant dialogue, and action-packed battles. The inventive magical elements and splendidly atmospheric illustrations continue to delight and make this series a standout. The myriad bandits, townspeople, friendly creatures, and menacing army of enemies may be overwhelming to keep track of at times, but readers will be pleased at the return of memorable characters from previous installments. The cast is predominantly male and light-skinned.

A satisfying finale to an inventive and absorbing series.

(pierogi recipe, character sketches) (Graphic fantasy. 12-18)