NEEDLE by Hal Clement


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The superscientific world, with this time some supramedical tangents, this tells of the unearthly parasite, the Hunter, a symbiote, who comes to earth in a rocket ship and takes as his host- Bob -- a boy of fifteen. A four pound mass of gelatinous material, the Hunter can only live in another's body, and communicating his presence- and his mission- his search for another symbiote- to Bob, Bob fully cooperates with his unseen presence. With the medical assistance of Bob's doctor, they attempt to locate the Hunter's enemy microscopically, but it is the Hunter who realises that his quarry is located in Bob's father, while Bob stages the dangerous fire which forces him out and to his death.... For this new audience of science fiction readers, this has an imaginative, ingenious content.

Publisher: Doubleday