GIRL REBEL: An Autobiography by Halesh Pingying

GIRL REBEL: An Autobiography

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A girl of ""young China"" who breaks with tradition violently, not only on the social side of foot binding, arranged marriages and education, but by becoming a soldier in the Nationalist Revolution of 1925-7 and again in 1937. Daughter of an extremely conservative Huan family, she wins her home battles by wiles and force; to escape family domination she gets varied schooling, to escape marriage she joins the army,and when the revolt collapses, she returns home. Four attempts to run away are frustrated, and eventually she goes through with the marriage, making clear to her husband what kind of marriage it is to be. Though a favorite with her husband's family, she seizes the opportunity to escape again, takes up a wondering life, more schooling, a lover and a baby daughter, travel in Japan, and finally the army once more. An unselfconscious recounting of an individualist's career, of interest to all who are concerned in modern China. There are extracts from her new war diaries, but they are a small part of the book.

Pub Date: July 11th, 1940
Publisher: John Day