THE BEST OF DICK SHEPPARD by Halford E. -- Ed. Luccock


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The generation of Christian leaders that is passing has known how Dick Sheppard could kindle the soul and awake the conscience. If the publication of this book can do as much for the present and future generations, it will render a valuable and much service. Dick (Rev. N.R.L.) Sheppard burst into prominence in 1914 when he transformed the antiquated Church of St. Martin's in the Fields (London) into a center of his dynamic and influential ministry. As Halford Luccock says in his introduction, ""In his book The Impatience of a Person and in all his ministry Sheppard poured forth his protest against the lethargy and lassitude, against the sterile formality and mouse-like timidity which he felt in the Church of his time."" A spirit such as this is difficult to be communicated by the printed page, but this attempt would be worth the while if but an infinitesimal fraction of his compelling message were passed on to the Christians of today.

Publisher: Harper