NEVER FORGET TO LIVE by Halford E. Luccock


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Words of inspiration for every day to help you get the most out of life"" says the dust jacket, and that is a good general description of the kind of book this is. But unless one already knows the author from the exuberant, kindly raciness of his previous writing, and his habit of finding material in the most unlikely places which makes the most common topic uncommon, then this description is much too pale. Dr. Luccock retired from the Yale Divinity School in 1953, and has died within the year, but many will go on sharing the joyful life that was his from his optimistic outlook through faith in Christ by continuing to read such books as his last, 365 meditations preceded by a scripture reference and closed with a prayer. He never let his readers down with weary repetitions of platitudes about the common place things of life. Rather, he took the commonplace and showed us its real meaning.

Pub Date: Jan. 9th, 1960
Publisher: Abingdon