THE ARTS OF THE APOSTLES: In Present Day Preaching by Halford E. Luccock

THE ARTS OF THE APOSTLES: In Present Day Preaching

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Whenever Dr. Luccock preaches crowds come and people are aware that this man speaks with authority, burns with zeal of a first century Christian. That is why he is so at home in the Acts of the Apostles, so full of ideas as to their interpretation and application to modern life, so keen that his divinity students at Yale and the clergy at large shall not miss the gold mine of preaching material and spiritual inspiration to be found in the Book of Acts, so convinced that the spirit who was abroad speaking through sermons and personal interviews in the Acts is still changing the lives of men as the answer to our troubled world. This, Volume II, takes Chapters 9 - 28 and is a must for every preacher. Have Volume I on hand for those who missed it.

Publisher: Willett, Clark