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The past year has proved that the authors are not a pair of Barons Munchausen and should open the way for an appreciative audience for this well of information relating to a relatively unknown part of the world, Soviet Asia. The authors have succeeded in bringing it alive -- its territories, its cities, its villages, the schools and hospitals, railroads, farms, industrial plants, in a vastness of setting that is breathtaking, in accomplishments that are miracles. Let's take the blinders off and see the new world of Soviet Russia -- something exciting on every page. Modern miracles of agriculture, mining, shipping, education, and above all a country and a people whose spirit is unconquerable. Facts, figures, geography, part of a living record. This supplements and substantiates Hindus' Japan and Russia, and the earlier Hitler Cannot Conquer Russia. This is a very late report -- but it's a book not to miss.

Publisher: Dial