LIFE OF CHRIST by Hall Caine
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Caine's monumental life of Christ will be a best seller. It is not just another life of Christ but is in itself as unique as the Gospels. It will provoke controversy and while controversies rage, the public will read Caine's book. Many who intend to scoff will remain to pray. It is a stupendous accomplishment, unique in that it is not only an able piece of scholarship but extremely well written. It is remarkable for its intellectual clarity, it is never obtuse, nor is it ever too simple. Sound and scientific in approach, with no bid for the cheap and sensational. The scope of the work is tremendous --1300 pages, divided into three parts. I -- Before Christ swings back over unknown centuries, hewing through myth to essentials to build up a history of religion and create a living faith in God, from primitive man to Abraham, Moses, David, the prophets, all providing a setting for the Messiah. II -- Jesus Christ, in which he strips the story of accretions and presents a personal study of Jesus ""that will meet the needs of our own troubled times"". He tackles the events of his life fearlessly, presenting many sides of every argument, offering fresh information and constructive explanation. III -- After Christ -- the work of the establishment of the Church, the Pauline work, and absorbingly interesting criticism of the four gospels.... Caine spent 39 years in preparation for this book, making five trips to the Holy Land, searching, studying , revising. Five more years have passed, since his death, in preparing the manuscript for publication. The publishers have an excellent syllabus for your advance promotion and a circular which you can send with a personal letter to key people. Display dummies -- $14,000 advertising appropriation, etc., for launching the book. A chance for a huge sale. Go to it!

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1938
Page count: 318pp
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran