LAWS OF LIFE by Halliday Sutherland


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Not for your religious book department, in spite of the imprint. That simply signifies that the audience will be to some extent a Roman Catholic one, in that Dr. Sutherland takes his stand against contraceptives and birth control, regulated by external means. Other subjects handled -- heredity, sterilization, marriage, Malthusian theory, colonization, racial decay, war. He pleads for proper preparation for marriage as an essential to success -- and then a closer teamwork, once the die is cast. There is enough of the scientist's slant to give the book authenticity, but there is nothing particularly new either in content or presentation. It is possible that there has not been available for the general reader brought up a strict Catholic, as frank and outspoken a book as this on the subject of birth control. The chart on the ""safe period"" method, advocated by the progressive group in the Church will probably be a factor in selling the book.

Publisher: Sheed & Ward