DIRT CHEAP: The Evolution of Renewable Resource Management by Hallie Black

DIRT CHEAP: The Evolution of Renewable Resource Management

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Like many of the environmental overviews of the past decade or so, this includes simple explanations of how pollution is overburdening nature's system for cleaning the air; how farming, grazing, and construction have eroded the soil; and how pesticides and other chemicals have polluted our limited water supply. But Black's ""people have caused pollution"" approach is unhelpful at best. No one will dispute her message--we can't afford to maintain our wasteful lifestyle--but Black stops there, leaving it up to unorganized individuals to form car pools, install solar water heaters, and so on. According to her, government efforts have been exemplary, Carter is doing all he can, and industries(as opposed to people) have been ""especially successful"" at cleaning up and saving fuel despite the high cost to them. Her closing cloud-cuckoo vision of a recycled 21st century is in keeping with her naive assessment.

Pub Date: June 13th, 1979
Publisher: Morrow