THE BRAIN PICKERS by Hallie Burnett


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From an author whose fifteen years in the field of publishing provides equipment for telling tales out of school, this novel of the machinations of the world of editors, publishers and agents does more for the backdrop than for the cast of characters. Scenes revolve around Jean Temple, 21, intelligent, lovely and in love with a promising young novelist. Her mother- a widow- has recently married Kevin Roller, a ruthless climber who made his money on comics and girlie magazines and then wangled his way into a respectable but disintegrating firm, Primrose Press. The weak grandson of the founder, Gerald Primrose, Tony Thompson, a talented editor, and Roller do battle over the proper editing of trusting authors; Jean's mother emerges from the nightmare of her marriage wiser for the experience; Jean and her novelist, James Warner, strike a hopeful chord on a dismal scene with their marriage; while the Primrose Press, despite the tragedy of Thompson's final failure and death, eludes the grasp of Roller and is in for better days. Those in the know will be busy attempting identification.

Publisher: Messner