NORWAY: Neutral & Invaded by Halvdan Koht

NORWAY: Neutral & Invaded

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This might have been so much more interesting than it is that I was disappointed. But, in the final analysis, it has a great deal of important material, rather gracelessly put together. At the start, there is the suggestion of an apologetic note in defense of the position of the small ""neutral"" nations. Then the progress of events leading to war, the futile efforts to maintain neutrality, the overstepping on part of Noth Germany and Great Britain, the effect of the Finnish War, with England's request for passage coming too late. Then the war- two months of checkered resistance- inside treachery -- visits to London and Paris -- the invasion of the Low Countries and the fall of Norway, with the government leaving to continue to fight from without. The War of Liberation goes on -- the exiled government pays its way- and its foreign debts-- and the Norwegian ships play the part in world events. Brief survey of the progress of democracy in Norway, the principles she finds worth fighting for.

Publisher: Macmillan