KARL BARTH by  Hamer


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The recent visit of Protestant Karl Barth has stimulated new interest in the ""theological occasionalism"" he champions. This book provides welcome coincidence in showing the willingness of theologians to grapple with thought of their counterparts in other . Originally published abroad in 1949, this is a translation, with a length to the American edition to provide the key to publication at this time the hope of a program of ""coherent Christianity"". The author's exposition of exposition of theology reflects an effort to sympathetic understanding on areas of difference. It also points up the strength and revolutionary character of Barth's from other . Father Haumer does not minimize the divisions that still , but theology closer to the faith at least to the extent that it has responded Barth's purpose. This book should appeal to Protestants as well as in ecumenical understanding. Imprimatur.

Pub Date: June 8th, 1962
Publisher: Newman