REE ORDER by Hamilton adley


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This book is a closely but quietly argued attempt to erect standards ""by which est the goodness and justice of a politically organized community"". The author's ain concern is with political attitudes rather than with political institutions, as those attitudes shape and give direction to the multifarious forces for reform in modern societies. But in the course of his first sections, which are devoted to a description of ""divided communities"" and the ""origins of right"", an extensive and often highly illuminating examination of various institutions and governments becomes inevitable. History is seen here to be a drawn-out struggle between those who believe in ""free order"" and those who believe in ""imposed order"". The concluding section consists of a search for the particular actions, habits, and aims which offer the realization and maintenance of a true ""rule of a free order"" both here in the United States and on a world-wide scale. Promoting free orders at home and abroad, says this author, is the only way our nation can ""justify its existence and its power in the sight of all good en...and have a place of honor in history"". Unfortunately however, in all these ages there is precious little which tells us exactly how this can be done.

Pub Date: Nov. 4th, 1963
Publisher: Dodd, Mead