SILVER SHOALS by Hamilton Cochran


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Historical romance-adventure, based on actual events, which tells of Mark's emergence from Puritanical bleakness to tolerant understanding as he discovers in the new world an intelligent woman to love, and in Hispaniola, a fortune. Escaping from a compromising situation with his master's wife in Gravesend he ships with Captain Phips to Boston, saves the Captain's life, and joins him in a treasure hunt in the West Indies. In the Colony he sees the injustice of the Puritan power of the Mathers; he champions outcast Sibyl, whose reputation as a witch brings danger to Phip's voyage when she stows away. They are pursued by the pirate Dykes and vengeful members of Phip's crew, who wait until the treasure is raised before attacking them. Phips is able to route the attackers -- gets his fortune safely to England and the Gentlemen Adventurers who backed the voyage. Treachery withholds the treasure from them, but Albemarle unmasks the scheme for graft before the King who knights Phips and helps him in his plans for restoring the Charter to the Colony. Phips first hunts more treasure but others beat him to it. And finally, with Mark and Sibyl, he returns to Boston to carry on his official duties...A background of England and her colonial relations colors the story, which provides due share of dependable fictionizing...For the incurable treasure-hunting boy in man market.

Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill