CAPTAIN EBONY by Hamilton Cochran


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A tale of slave smuggling and slave uprisings in the 1840's, as David Ashby, famed as the slaver Captain Ebony, taunts the British Navy in his successful smuggling of Africans to the Danish West Indies. Then there is Chloe, sturdy right hand of a drunken father, red-haired hoyden, who despises David for his trade, but loves him too much to let Mona's plot to turn him over to Gibb succeed. Eventually, his love for Chloe, and the strain of a bad run from the Gold Coast, persuade David to turn to island plantation life with Chloe. Melodrama, adventure and history-un-even in writing, but good story telling. Effective 4-color jacket by Paul Laune.

Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill