ROGUE'S HOLIDAY by Hamilton Coohran


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Based in history, this is highcolored fictionization of the pirate Teach' career along the Carolina coast. British Lt. Maynard, not always the brightest of heroes, is thwarted at not being commissioned for Woodes Rogers' expedition against the sea rovers, rails against his Navy stores work. His adventures start when he is saved from a wreck and heading for America on the trader Halcyon. Teach attacks the ship, Maynard directs the fight against him, is taken prisoner, makes friends with Teach' ""wife"". Wrecked with them on the Carolina coast, Maynard's warnings about Teach' duplicity are not heeded by the Governor or the colonists, but the pirate's plundering and terrorizing of the countryside finally rouse them. Maynard, with some help from Virginia, hounds Teach, who has wounded the girl he loves, and fights him to the finish. He returns to find his love still alive, and the freeing of the colony from pirate threat wins him recognition among the colonists and in the Navy... In its market, adequate adventure-romance-history, that is definitely lighter weight than the Inglis Fletcher series.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1947
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill