A CHAIR FOR WAYNE LONERGAN by Hamilton Darley Perry


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During World War II, attractive Wayne Lonergan who lived by his sharp wits was accused of murdering wife Patricia with whom he had not been getting along and this luxurious/squalid case in which Lonergan was pilloried by the press as a ""pervert playboy wife-killer"" had a lot of notoriety. Both Wayne and Patricia enjoyed night life and the path from the Stork Club and the Plaza led to the Tombs and Sing Sing. Although a confession was coerced at the time, Lonergan never said what did happen (between 4 A.M. and the early morning time of her death) and the prosecution never proved that he was guilty. There were only those telltale scratches on his face. Perry writes easily enough to assure the interest of the omniverous courtroom watchbird and presents the non-evidence in such a way that the jury is still out.

Pub Date: Jan. 27th, 1971
Publisher: Macmillan