SEA AND ISLANDS by Hammond Innes


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For a second time this prolific novelist tries his hand on a travel book with mixed results. On his loved and frequently-photographed 42-foot boat, and with his less than sea-fervent wife by his side, the author sails for portions of six years to Scandinavia, Malta, the Hebrides, Brittany, the Dalmatian coast, the Aegean, and other places Totally matter-of-fact, without a hint of fictional glaze, the author at once reveals a skill with words but certainly succeeds in puncturing adventure. He is to be thanked for working in some aspects of the history and myth of the areas that he visits but not for telling of that rather pointless visit with Tito. The seat-bound tourist would be well advised to heed the author's advice to visit Yugoslavia before too many of them spoil the authenticity of that pleasant land.

Pub Date: Nov. 6th, 1967
Publisher: Knopf