GALE WARNING by Hammond Innes
Kirkus Star


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By a British correspondent with this year's Fire In The Snow to his credit, and from a serialization in the Post, this sets a new high in action adventure, misses no angles for excitement and entertainment on a popular, predominantly masculine, level. As told by Corporal Jim Vardy, this is the story of the Trikkala which left Murmansk in 1945 with a cargo of silver, a Captain-Halsey- with a rumored reputation of piracy, and a girl, Jennifer Sorrel. Staging a sinking of his ship, Halsey murders his crew with the ption of Vardy, Bart, and Jennifer who defy his orders, cut loose a raft. Tried back in England and convicted of mutiny, Vardy and Bart escape Dartmoor when they hear that is heading a treasure-raising expedition from the reputedly sunk Trikkala. With and with her boat, they head for Maddon's Island off Spitzbergen where the lies hidden, engage in a fighting finish with Halsey, salvage the silver and their names... The high charge of hazard here is toned down by the smoothness of making this surely readable (rentable as well).

Publisher: Harper